Twibida push operation specification

In order to meet the needs of developers to push messages, and to improve the message push experience and prevent and reduce the accidents and impact of developer push messages. Twibida Push hereby formulates relevant push operation specifications for developers' reference.

This operating specification applies to all applications that use Twibida push services.

Push operation specification

Content guidelines

It is forbidden to send push messages with the following content:

  • a. The content contains pornographic, vulgar, violent, insulting or tempting text / picture / audio and video, etc.
  • b. Malicious pop-ups, content that is suspected of misleading and deceiving users: such as,"You have won the prize" actually requires a draw.
  • c. Copywriting that is disturbing or threatening, such as: Your child may be targeted by traffickers.
  • d. Contains prohibited content such as racial discrimination, destruction of national unity, religious communication, and politics.
  • e. The content has nothing to do with the application being pushed.
  • f. The content is to promote Twibida competing services or products.
  • g. Push test messages to official users, including copy content such as: containing test, test and other words or copy content is 111, ddd, etc. without clear information.
  • h. The content includes sending personal emotional vent messages.
  • i. Other content that violates national laws and regulations.

In addition, frequent push of full amount of messages will cause a certain degree of negative interference to users, it is recommended to use it with caution.

Behavior guidelines

The following behaviors should not appear in the access application, otherwise it will be regarded as a violation:

  • a. Unauthorized tampering or damage to SDK services and functions provided by Twibida.
  • b. Provide help and convenience for applications other than this application in terms of push messages.
  • c. Provide third-party push platforms or other companies with account and ID information obtained on the Twibida push platform.
  • d. The behavior of maliciously violating system rules affirmed by Twibida Push and brushing flow through unfair means.
  • e. Push jump links are illegal or illegal websites, etc.
  • f. The content of the message or application behavior does not comply with laws and regulations.

Penalties for violations

If the push content or application behavior violates the relevant national laws and regulations or the above push message specifications, Twibida Push has the right to reduce your related resource allocation (downgrade service), such as the total amount of single-day message push; if the situation is serious, Twibida Push will be closed directly All your push services (stop the service), and reserve the right to hold accountable further.

Type of violationDefinitionViolations phenomenon
User experienceBehaviors that do not strictly abide by Twibida's relevant management standards and thus affect user experience.Push test messages to official users, such as pure numbers, tests, tests, or pure strings without substantive content.
Send messages that are not related to the application business, such as private emotional vent messages.
Contents have complaints or unusual feedback regarding third-party app notifications.
User shielding rate is rising quickly in a short time.
Use system vulnerabilities to push messages.
Other behaviors that affect the user experience.
Violation messageViolate relevant laws and regulations, push illegal or prohibited messages, etc.The content violates the relevant provisions of the "User Agreement", for example, the message contains content or keywords that are prohibited from being pushed in violation of national laws and regulations.
OtherOther actions that damage Transsion and Twibida's brand image, or illegally obtain user behavior data, etc.Behaviors violates the relevant provisions of the "User Agreement", for example: for the purpose of illegal profit, deliberate destruction, decompilation of Twibida push SDK, etc.