#Product Profile

Twibida push service integrates the system-level channels advantages of major mobile phone manufacturers in Africa, which can help developers improve the reach and display rate of message push, increase the user stickiness of their apps, increase their activity, and wake up silent users as much as possible. After developers integrate the SDK, they can push messages by calling the API. At the same time, the Twibida push platform provides a visual web console to send notifications, and statistical analysis of push results. Twibida supports the Android mobile platform.

Due to Indian compliance requirements, there are two platform backends currently:
India platform:https://ind-console.twibida.com
Non-india platform:https://console.twibida.com
The Indian platform can only targeting users in the Indian region, and the non-Indian platform can targeting users in the non-India region. The two platforms are not interoperable.

#Message form


Push Notification,which means a notification message displayed on the notification bar (status bar) of the mobile phone. The notification is mainly used to prompt the user and often used in news content, weather reminder, product information, version update alerts, order status reminders and other scenarios.


The transparent message is not a notification and will not be displayed on the notification bar by the SDK. Its content is completely defined by the developer. Transparent message is mainly used for the internal business logic of the application. A custom message is pushed over, and there may not be any interface displayed.

Push target

By using tag targeting, GAID, and user groups, developers can push messages to a specific user or users.


Developers send batch push messages based on tags. The current targeted tags are: country, language, Android version, mobile phone brand, mobile phone model, application version, interests, etc.


Developers can push a single device by specifying a specific GAID.

#User group

The filtering conditions for user groups are the same as those for labels. For example, developers can set up such user groups: Kenya, English, Tecno mobile phone users. Developers can set the user group in the console, specify the name of the group when pushing on the console, or use the API to call the Id of the group and send it.

#Push analysis

Twibida supports statistics on the number of pushes, arrivals, impressions, clicks, new users, and active users. Developers can view related data directly on the [ Record] and [Analysis] pages.

#Quick start

Sign up a account on the Twibida official website.

Log in to the control management console to create an app, and check the APP key and APP ID in the app details.

Download the SDK and integrate it into the app. Please refer to the Android SDK Access Guide.

#Other personalization features

#Speed limits

Turn on the speed limits function, you can control the message sending speed by yourself, so that the messages are delivered to the device at a uniform speed, so as to reduce the burden on the server caused by a large number of messages.

Speed limits support setting 1000~10000 messages per second.