Company Profile

TRANSSION Holdings is committed to becoming the most popular smart device and mobile internet service provider for consumers in global emerging markets. TRANSSION Holdings is Africa's most popular mobile phone maker and sold nearly 130 million mobile phones worldwide in 2018.

Twibida' push service is the company's core product. It integrates the advantages of the system-level channel of the transmissive mobile phone, and provides professional and efficient message push services for mobile application developers. We strive to help mobile application developers save development and maintenance costs to the greatest extent, and achieve precise push easily.

At present, Twibida has provided efficient and stable push services for many app developers.

  • Cumulative installation users: 200 million +
  • Daily average push messages: 400 million +
  • Daily active users: 60 million +

In the future, Twibida will continue to use the power of its own technology and data, and strive to become the world's leading promotion platform!