Message Push Service

Twibida provides stable and reliable push services for global mobile applications. We provide powerful solutions to maximize the potential of applications.

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Our advantages

Diversified message types

Push system notifications, custom messages, and transparent transmission of custom display styles, suitable for a variety of use scenarios, to meet the various needs of developers.

Comprehensive statistics

User and message multi-dimensional data statistical analysis and data reporting, complete message cycle query, insight into operational data indicators.

Smart label grouping

A variety of user tags, flexible group push, intelligently match precise users.

System level channel

The advantages of system channels maximize message reach. Improve user activity and retention, and wake up silent users.

A / B test

A / B test compares push effects, helping developers choose the optimal push solution and send it with one click.

Flexible, safe and stable

Quickly integrate SDK, easy-to-use platform and ApI push. Data is encrypted, and the service is safe and reliable.

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